Sexuality & Relationship Coaching

One-on-one coaching with Certified OneTaste coach, Ben Phillips is a unique experience. It’s a potent cocktail of high-quality attention, fierce truth-telling and unwavering commitment to your true desires. Ben is trained to combine the 20 Principles of Orgasm with a solid Co-active Coaching™ foundation. What he offers is deeply catalyzing and surprisingly effective.

Ben’s coaching is especially tailored to couples and singles that feel stuck and are looking for lasting change in the areas of sex, relationships and intimacy. By putting deliberate, quality attention on these malnourished parts, we have found our clients discover a wellspring inside themselves. A source that hydrates even the most dry and brittle relationships; one that opens channels to love, purpose and fulfillment where we had previously given up hope.

Meet the Coach

Ben Phillips

Bend & Portland, OR

Ben-Bio-PhotoBen Phillips is a Sexuality and Relationship Coach specializing in couples. He brings play to serious topics like resentment and anger, turning conflict into passionate fuel for life and sex. He believes that connected sex and relationships are more exciting and nuanced than hard heavy porn and romantic fairy tales. Ben leads the coaching teams and teaches Orgasmic Meditation in Portland and Bend, Oregon.

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