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Ben Phillips

Ben & Zila (his wife)

Ben Phillips is a Sexuality and Relationship Coach specializing in couples. Ben is a OneTaste Certified Orgasmic Meditation trainer & coach.  Ben completed his rigorous coach training in 2013 and since then has spent over 1,000 hours coaching and training other coaches.  He brings play to serious topics like resentment and anger, turning conflict into passionate fuel for life and sex. He believes that connected sex and relationships are more exciting and nuanced than hard heavy porn and romantic fairy tales. Ben leads the coaching teams and teaches Orgasmic Meditation in Portland and Bend, Oregon.

“… Being a coach myself, I know that I cannot see my own blind-spots or triggers very easily.  I know that I need very skilled coaches to ‘hold space’ for me and call me on my B.S. and that is exactly what Ben has done for me on several occasions.  Ben’s insights and coaching have been invaluable to me, my life and my relationships.”

~ Rob B.

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