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Relationship Coaching

Ben works to get couples to realize they often actually want the same thing by bringing play to serious topics like resentment and anger, turning conflict into passionate fuel for life.
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Sexuality Coaching

Ben’s coaching is especially tailored to couples and singles that feel stuck and are looking for lasting change in the areas of sex, relationships and intimacy.
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Private OM Training

Ben will ensure that your practice is focused, attuned and lending you to optimal growth. Learn Orgasmic Meditation your way.
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If you’re willing to do the work…
Ben can help you.

Ben brings play to serious topics like resentment and anger, turning conflict into passionate fuel for life and sex. He believes that connected sex and relationships are more exciting and nuanced than hard heavy porn and romantic fairy tales. [ more… ]


(…a real couple, getting real results.)

"I really appreciate Ben doesn't let people play victim ...

He always directs the attention back to – you. And in a very skillful way that’s also non-threatening.”

"Ben is a very very gifted coach in my opinion!

He’s not judgmental about whatever you’re bringing to the table … he just listens and really really shows up!”

Are you ready to do “the work“?


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Ben will teach you how to give yourself love, so that you can actually receive more love.

Have better


Ben will empower you to get clear about your sex and how to ask for exactly what you want.


“… [Ben] is an amazing coach!…immediately I felt safe in his presence … his energy settled me in so I could be more present … he really reads the energy of the situation … he just really has a sense for where things are at and what needs to happen, to really get the most out of the situation. … I love so much, his authenticity, he really brings his whole self to the situation, his whole experience and his whole presence.”

Portland Oregon

“Connected sex and relationships are more exciting and nuanced…

than hard heavy porn and romantic fairy tales.” ~Ben Phillips


Common Questions

Do you teach everybody Orgasmic Meditation?

No. Orgasmic Meditation (OM for short) is a very useful practice but it’s definitely not for everybody. I meet people where they are at. If they’re interested in OM, great – if not, great.

I’ve been thinking a lot about _______, is that weird?

No, not at all. Our desire and what preoccupies our mind is pointing the way to more freedom. I will say that more often than not, repetitive thoughts are not black and white. Just because you’ve been thinking a lot about _________ does not mean you have an “issue”. What it does mean is that there is something for us to talk about and see what is at the end of that path – and it might not be what you think.

Why are you a relationship & sexuality coach?

I love helping people push their edges, expand and grow. Seeing a couple push their edges and live a fuller life, in a connected way, fuels me. It’s pretty simple and clear to me – I just love it.

Do I need a partner to explore coaching with you?

Not at all. Sometimes our partners are not ready to explore their thoughts and feelings, their desires and fears. Often when “we” get coaching, our partner will automatically shift and become “open” to the idea. There’s no guarantee but what is important is that YOU are showing up and doing your work – and I can definitely help you with that.
And I love working with singles just as much as I love working with couples.

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